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Skydiving as Therapy


OZARKS Skydive Center Posted by: OZARKS Skydive Center 5 years ago


We’re about to make a wild guess about you and your underlying motivations for skydiving. Based on our (super-duper) extensive experience in meeting the folks who come through our doors, you probably fit into one of two categories: Either skydiving is something you’ve always wanted to do and you’ve decided the time is now, or you’ve recently come into full-contact engagement with a life event that has caused you to challenge everything you know about everything. And we’re willing to guess it’s, to some extent, at least, the latter.

How are we doing so far?

When life goes nuts, skydiving is the reset button so many folks reach for. Many of our customers have recently been through a divorce, lost a job, learned of a cancer diagnosis, lost a loved one…and they sure don’t decide to skydive because they’ve lost hope. Heck no. They skydive because they’re looking to get stupid-excited about life again. And skydiving usually does precisely that.

Through the years, we’ve met many therapists who’ve shared a “crazy” wish with us: That they could prescribe skydiving. Because of the risk involved and the potential liability of, well, telling someone to go skydiving, American practitioners can’t (but non-Americans can, and often do! Check out Katja Seyffardt, for example). Why the heck, you ask? Because this.


Skydiving won’t solve your problems. It will, however, very reliably offer you a groundbreaking change in perspective. By deciding to grapple your fear and win — to see the world from an entirely different viewpoint — to try something that feels impossible and prove it’s not — will allow optimism to break through the walls within. You’ll arrive with all your baggage, and you’ll drop it all from the open aircraft door.


Jumping from a plane is incomparably empowering, especially because so many of the workaday voices around you will tell you you’re a nut job for doing it. You’ll hear what they have to say — then you’ll do the research on skydiving safety for your very own self and realize it’s them that don’t have a firm grip on reality. Then you’ll find yourself hucking yourself through a door at 14,000 feet, and loving the experience, and truly knowing what you’re capable of. Magic.


Skydiving forces you to live entirely in this moment. Once you’re in freefall, nothing can get you: not the wounds of the past; not the worries of the future. For at that golden moment in time, you’re suspended in a “now” you may never have experienced with such clarity.

In all these years of doing what we do, we’ve learned that everyone who jumps with us has a story. We love hearing about each and every triumph. Our guests arrive as strangers and leave as friends, having undergone a hugely therapeutic experience of hugs, celebrations and tears in the landing area as story after story pours out. We’re lucky to be part of that. So: ready for a bit of freefall therapy? The doctor is in…

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