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Ultimate College Bucket List


OZARKS Skydive Center Posted by: OZARKS Skydive Center 5 years ago


Your Mom won’t be the one to tell you this, so we will: skydiving is good for you.

Skydiving is prominent on the to-do-list-of-life for people of all ages, and is perhaps especially common on the summer bucket list for college students. And for good reason – it’ll make you smarter.

Here’s the skinny:


Skydiving is a sport. As a tandem skydiving student, you can see some of the physicality required to skydive. But it’s when you witness competitive jumpers engaged in the various disciplines of skydiving that you understand how physically demanding skydiving can be.

The skills gained by skydivers of every experience level, though, transcend the physical.

When you jump from a perfectly good airplane, you make mega mental, emotional and even spiritual gains and nurture character traits that hard-won from the ground.

Skydiving tests your grit, develops big-time perseverance, instills resolve, and sharpens your ability (while harnessing your courage) to take calculated risks.

Try gleaning that kind of knowledge from books.


Skydiving gives you permission to take a big ol’ breath and look at your life from a whole ‘nother angle.

Whether you jump for release, reclamation or rejuvenation, you are damn-near guaranteed to achieve your goals through skydiving.

Think of it: you ride up to altitude, LEAP from a plane, fly through unbelievable-and-epicly-awesome freefall, enjoy a gloriously peaceful flight under canopy, and then touch down to earth.

EMPOWERMENT, y’all. It’s no joke.


A lot of folks are under the impression that skydiving dropzones attract only fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants types who’ll do anything but conform.

It’s true that our field doesn’t lack for free spirits, but it’s also true that skydivers are some of society’s most driven and accomplished professionals. From doctors and detectives to engineers and lawyers, skydiving has no shortage of brilliant high flyers.

And here’s our favorite thing – we all put our jumpsuits on one leg at a time.

Skydiving levels the playing field. People from all walks of life rub shoulders all day long, finding common ground through their quest to get sky high.


Skydivers share a special bond. We’ve experienced something that those who’ve never taken flight cannot comprehend.

Cities and towns across the country and indeed the globe feature a skydiving dropzone. Some are small and bare bones, others are state-of-the-art and world-renowned, and everywhere you go you’ll meet members of your extended sky family.

Meet a stranger who’s skydived and you’ll find an instant comrade. Interview with one and you might find your new boss.

Linking in with your dropzone pals will significantly expand your network. And showcasing your passion, demonstrating your determination and delivering on your commitments will radically expand your horizons.

Put skydiving on your resume and you’ll see for yourself.


College can be expensive. And not just the tuition … the social life.

Let’s be honest. The money you shell out just to live it up is typically not well spent (for experiences not well remembered).

Instead of blowing your cash on cover charges, bar tabs, cab fares and formal wear, consider putting your (or your parents’) hard-earned dough towards experiences that will change your life.

For the amount you might burn through in a semester, you could not only make a few tandems but you could also learn how to skydive solo.

How awesome would it feel to spend your weekends in the sky instead of recovering on the couch?

Boom. Get after it and book online.

Whether you’re looking for a last hoorah before school cranks back up or you’re looking to cross off the ultimate college bucket list item, Ozarks Skydive Center is here for you. We’re only 90 minutes from the College of the Ozarks and less than an hour from Missouri State University.

Want to hang with us all weekend and jump til your heart’s content? Let’s go!

Blue skies!