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Your Skydiving Questions Answered

Skydiving FAQs

General Questions

Where is the Ozarks Skydive Center located?

Are dogs permitted?

Is there a place to eat at Ozarks Skydive Center?

exterior photo of the hangar kafe with picnic style tables

Are there any restrictions to making a tandem skydive?

What is your cancellation policy?

Tandem Skydiving Questions

What should I wear skydiving?

Should I eat before my skydive?

What are the details of the photo / video package?

Can I bring my own GoPro or other camera to record my skydive?

What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my jump?

Should I tip my skydive instructor?

What time should I arrive for my skydive?

How long will I be at the DZ?

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