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How We’re Different Than Any Other Skydiving Dropzone


OZARKS Skydive Center Posted by: OZARKS Skydive Center 5 years ago

Every dropzone is different. That’s something you learn quickly when you start researching places to skydive. Some are more different than others, however, and in much more important ways. At the Ozarks Skydiving Center, we’re a total outlier in more ways than one — and we’d like to introduce you to those differences. It’ll give you a peek into what you can expect your experience to be like when you jump with us!

We Specialize in New Skydivers

We think it’s great that other dropzones welcome all kinds of skydivers. We love this sport, and it makes us happy that every single kind of skydiver can find a place to enjoy themselves to the hilt. The worldwide “skyfamily” is awesome, and there’s nothing cooler than finding your tribe!

But at Ozarks, we have made a very specific choice: we specialize in supporting “baby bird” skydivers make their way safely and cheerfully out of the nest. Our favorite part of the journey is the part that stretches from that butterfly-tummied, nail-biting first-time tandem jump to — for some keen adventurers — a successful completion of a solo skydiving license. We’ve taken many, many athletes along precisely that path with single-minded, open-hearted dedication, and that’s the part of the sport we’ve decided to devote our lives (and our business) to pursuing.

We Couldn’t Be Prouder of Our Home

Here at Ozarks Skydive Center, we’re convinced we’re in the heart of the very prettiest part of this country. We’re physically located in Miller, Missouri, and we serve the adventure enthusiasts of Springfield, Fayetteville, Joplin and Branson MO — as well as the legions of stoked tourists who come to visit this musical heartland.

Believe us when we tell you we’re all in for this spectacular land of hills and lakes and music and smiles. Our skydiving views capture the finest landscapes we’ve ever seen — from sea to shining sea. Mountains are cool, and the ocean is awesome, but if you haven’t seen the lakes twinkling in the summer sunshine or smelled the perfume of the Missouri woodlands from under a parachute, you haven’t skydived. (Well, that’s how we see it, anyway.)

We’re a Family

The Ozarks Skydive Center is family-owned, sure. Our owners, Bryan and Lyn Wolford, are long-married lovebirds who run our beautiful Missouri dropzone like a tidy, happy household full of love and laughter. We go even further than that, though. Our owners, support staff and instructor cadre support each other and the extended family of our skydiving customers with all the conscientiousness, caring, attention to detail and safety focus you’d expect out of a fun, functional family.

BS? Nope. The feels are real, y’all. Our customers mention it all the time.

Are you sky-curious? Do you want to cross that “skydiving” item off the top of your bucket list? Learn why it’s the ultimate adventure? Just maybe — do you want to become a licensed, solo skydiver? We’re here for you. Allow the professional skydiving team at the Ozarks Skydive Center to help you reach your skydiving goals!