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What to Eat Before and After Skydiving


OZARKS Skydive Center Posted by: OZARKS Skydive Center 5 years ago

For many of our skydivers, tucking into a hand-battered chicken fried steak is one of the best parts of making a skydive from our gorgeous Ozarkian airfield. And no wonder: that stuff is good. And y’know what? There are far uglier and less-suitable places to raise a post-jump beer than in the sunny dining room, festooned with colorful airplanes. We absolutely love the Hangar Kafe. Period end.

Thus inspired, let’s tuck into a delicious plate of information about what to eat and drink when you’re planning on going skydiving. As it turns out, what to eat before skydiving might just make or break your experience (surprise!), so we want to make sure you’re forewarned and forearmed with all the Q&A you need to nail it.

Food & Drink Question #1: Can you eat before skydiving?

Oh very much so. Do not come hungry! You’ll need those calories and that blood sugar for the adventure of a lifetime. Eating sensibly for a tandem skydive is a good idea, just as it is a good idea for life in general.

That said: don’t scarf down a belly-bursting meal at the Hangar Kafe right before you pop on your tandem harness. If you eat too much, you’ll be lethargic and uncomfortable: plus, the shaking, rattling and rolling that over-full belly will endure during freefall could very well make it eject its contents.

The elegant solution: Eat a normal, healthy meal of sensible size. Pro tip: If you’re too nervous to eat, go for a healthy smoothie.

Food & Drink Question #2: Will I throw up on a skydive?

You might. The same thing happens to your stomach in freefall as on a boat or in a car: A whole lot of jiggling.

Here’s the good news: it’s super-unlikely if you’re prepared. Here’s the hack: If you already know that motion sickness is a problem for you, make sure you have what you need. If you like to use the magical seasickness bracelets, bring the magical seasickness bracelets along with you. If you prefer to take motion sickness medications, bring them along, and make sure you take them at the appropriate time.

Food & Drink Question #3: What should I drink when I go skydiving?

Let’s start by telling you what you should not, under any circumstances, drink before skydiving: alcohol. Don’t go anywhere near alcohol when you’re skydiving, for any reason. Any reputable dropzone will turn away a prospective tandem student suspected of recently having had alcohol, without refund. We’re no exception to that rule. Drunk skydiving isn’t going to happen under any circumstances.

That said: Definitely hydrate! The symptoms of dehydration are massively exacerbated when a person is exposed to altitude, and you’ll want to protect yourself against that eventuality (because it’s easy to miss the telltale symptoms when you’re excited). Also notable: It’s easy not to notice dehydration when you’re excited. Keep drinking water and other hydrating fluids both before and after your skydive.

After you’ve made that gorgeous landing, you have our permission — No! Our encouragement! — to order yourself an absolute feast and a cold one at the Hangar Kafe. Heck, we might just join you!