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What is the Tipping Etiquette?


OZARKS Skydive Center Posted by: OZARKS Skydive Center 7 years ago

Tipping anxiety: The struggle is real. In the United States, leaving a tip is as common an occurrence as parking a car. Is there any counter left in the country that isn’t proudly occupied by a cheekily-inscripted tip jar? Likely, no–and you’re stuck trying to calculate your proportion of whatever tip percentage your enormous group has decided to leave at the banquet table.

Shampooists, bellhops, masseuses, share drivers, baristas…oh,my. What to do? Well: We’ve read many reviews over the years–of our own dropzone, of our friends’ dropzones and of the other dropzones we visit–that reflect the same ‘now what?’ vibe. We don’t want your skydiving experience to be marred by even the vaguest sense of awkwardness, so we’re here to set your mind at ease about what to tip for a skydive.

Skydiving tipping, Situation #1: You Had The Most Awesome Time in the History of Awesome Times

Here’s the straight dope: it might be high-flying, but skydiving sits firmly in the “service industry” camp. Instructors at established, reputable dropzones (like yours truly, naturellement) are paid fair wages for their professional services. In that context, know that our instructors do not live on tips, but tipping is always appreciated and never expected.

If you had an incredible time, a 20% cash tip as a turbocharged high-five for your rockstar tandem instructor and skydiving-Spielberg videographer would be boss. Honestly, it’s likely to earn you a friend for life.

That said, going for a skydive isn’t like ordering a fussily detailed coffee drink (double iced nonfat half-caff sugar-free hazelnut latte, please, with one shot of sugar-free caramel, light ice). Other grateful gestures are often just as appreciated as cash tips. Happy new skydivers have surprised us with invitations to post-jump bar-b-ques; we’ve been gifted skydiving-themed brownies; we’ve been the recipients of chest-thumping shout-outs on social. It just drives home the fact that money is nice, but it’s really about showing the love (and growing our beloved skydiving community, one new jumper at a time!)

Skydiving tipping, Situation #2: Your Skydive Was Okay, You Guess!!

Hang on; hold up. Tell us more! If you didn’t have an absolutely wonderful time, witholding a tip and hoping we’ll understand isn’t going to work. We need you to march right over and tell us exactly what’s on your mind, no punches pulled. We are enormously proud of the tandem skydiving experience we craft for each jumper over here at Ozarks. We care about nothing more than your safety and your unsullied enjoyment.

Here’s the gist: Your honest feedback, whatever that is, means everything to us. If that feedback comes as a gratuity, fantastic. Cookies? Whoa so nice. A hug and a heartfelt thank-you? Hugbacks! If you have some constructive criticism to share, we’re more than open to it. Your feedback, in all its forms, is the fuel that keeps skydiving in the air. We appreciate it, and we appreciate youBook your skydive with Ozarks Skydive Center today!

(P.S. Chewy chocolate chip cookies are our favorite. Big-chunk chips for extra points. We shall cheerfully provide the milk.)