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Skydiving with Glasses or Contacts: What to Know


OZARKS Skydive Center Posted by: OZARKS Skydive Center 7 years ago

One of the best things about skydiving is the view! There’s nothing like it; looking out of the airplane at 13,000 feet, the world below looks almost like a toy. And we wouldn’t want you to miss it!

If you wear glasses or contacts, don’t worry. We provide you with goggles that protect you even with 120mph winds in your face! Here’s everything you need to know about skydiving when you wear glasses or contacts.

Skydiving with glasses

It’s not uncommon for skydivers to jump wearing their glasses. Why jump without them with views this good?

We have lots of sets of goggles for you to borrow. They’re big enough to go over most pairs of glasses, so you can have your full vision to take in the sights as you plummet toward the earth!

Skydiving with contacts

Do you wear contact lenses?

You’ll know from experience that they can get knocked out fairly easily – so imagine what would happen if you asked them to face up to freefall conditions!

We’ll give you goggles to protect your eyes and your lenses. We can also cover up the ventilation holes on the goggles for added security. No chance of those pesky lenses making a break for freedom!

Do I need to wear goggles?

Let’s face it, goggles aren’t the most attractive accessory! That’s why we totally understand when people don’t want to wear them.

But with that said, it’s important that you do. You’ll want to experience every part of your jump – and that means seeing everything too! It’s also about protecting your eyes from the wind and the elements.

If your goggles aren’t comfortable, let us know. Our highly experienced instructors will be happy to help you adjust them until they feel better.

Why is vision so important in skydiving?

You wouldn’t visit an art gallery with your eyes closed. So why make a skydive without your full vision?

The views you get when jumping out of an airplane are unlike anything you’ve seen before. While a commercial airplane whisks you up to around 30,000 feet in the space of just a few minutes, your ascent with us is to around 13,000 feet and you’ll have more time to look around and take it in.

Scared of heights? Not a problem! When you look out the door of our airplane, the whole world looks like a child’s toy. It’s surreal. It’s astounding.

There are practical reasons you need good vision when skydiving, too. As a tandem skydiver, your responsibilities are pretty limited. But as a solo skydiver, the responsibility for the activation of your equipment, flying your parachute down, landing… plus all the maneuvres you might be performing with your friends during freefall. Being able to see what’s going on is an important part of your safety and enjoyment of the sport.

If you’d like to skydive and you’re visually impaired, get in touch. We’ll be happy to help with any questions you have.