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Skydiving Experience Made Better with Friends


OZARKS Skydive Center Posted by: OZARKS Skydive Center 7 years ago

What’s the one thing that can make your first-time skydiving experience even more positive (and even a little easier)? That’s an easy one: Don’t go it alone. Here’s why.

1. It’s the “done thing.”

Nine out of every ten skydivers can’t be wrong. Right? A full 90% of guests who skydive for the first time do so with a friend. And a good many of these folks don’t just jump with one buddy. Au contraire: They bring the whole tribe. We’ve seen bachelor (and bachelorette!) parties, birthdays, graduation shindigs–even office team-building groups, seeing each other out of suits for perhaps the first time ever.

These guys find out what sport skydivers have known since the birth of the sport in the mid-century: That group skydiving is just about the fastestest, coolest way to bond with your fellow man. Don’t miss out!

2. You’re going to want to talk to someone about this.

Making a skydive is a landmark experience. It really, really shouldn’t be experienced alone.

First of all: Skydiving is not something that is simply or easily explained to the people who ask you about it. It’s a feeling that compares to nothing else. If you jump with someone (or lots of someones) else, you’ll be able to turn to them with a big smile on your face and say, “Remember how that felt?” And they’ll smile back at you, and you’ll know they know, instead of tripping over yourself trying to explain how you were so scared and the world on the ground looked so different from up there and how you didn’t feel like you were falling and how there was this bird that was flying alongside and it totally locked eyes with you as you went by and that the landing was unbelievably soft and…and…and…and you lost them four paragraphs ago. But you’ll still want to talk about it, because it was so important.

Bringing someone else makes sure that there’s always someone in your life who understands. (Understands, perhaps, why you run right back to the dropzone to learn how to skydive solo.)

3. First-time skydiving is a butterfly-fluttering prospect. A friend (or friends) can help with that.

There’s no getting around it, nor should there be–skydiving is scary. That’s one of the reasons it has the lifting power to make such lasting positive changes in your life, but it’s also a challenge you’re going to have to face when you clip into a tandem skydiving harness for the first time. Being there with at least one other supporting person–especially someone who’s going through the same thing–can be worth its weight in gold. It sounds funny, but feeling scared with someone else makes feeling scared a lot less scary!

4. You’re doing them a favor.

We’re passionate about the fact that every single person of skydiving age (that is to say: 18 and up) should most definitely make a jump at least once in their lives. Why? It’s inspiring, confidence-building, worldview-expanding and just plain fun! When you bring someone along, you’re leading them to a source of delight and growth potential that they probably need just as much as you do. They’re going to thank you for taking the initiative–just wait!

So gather your friends and get ready to make memories you will remember together for years to come. We’ll see y’all at Ozarks Skydive Center!