Is Skydiving Scary?

Is Skydiving Scary?

Published: May 13, 2016

Skydiving is a dream for many people. At Ozarks Skydive Center, it is our pleasure to make that ambition a reality for thousands of people who travel to our dropzone to go skydiving near Springfield, MO.

Skydiving is an experience that's hard to describe, perhaps because there are so few things like it! A natural question we get from first-timers is, "Isn't it scary?" If you're trying to decide whether skydiving is for you, we tackle that question here.

Fear of the Unknown

What holds most people back from skydiving, is the fear of the unknown or the lack of understanding of what it's all about and why people do it.

After all, why would you jump from a perfectly good airplane, fall at a 120 mph, and put your life in the hands of a stranger with only a sheet of nylon on strings? When you put it like that, it does sound a bit crazy!

However, there's much more to skydiving than this simplistic perception. Once you wrap your head around the sophistication of modern-day skydiving equipment (including various backup systems to further reduce risk), and the level of training our instructors are required to have, it's not such a crazy idea.

What's the Scariest Part?

Almost everyone who makes a skydive will say that the scariest moment is getting in the door of the plane to exit.

Even the calmest of jumpers will experience a rush of adrenaline the moment they move towards the open door of a moving aircraft.

It is perfectly normal to feel scared at this moment; in fact it's part of what makes the experience of freefall so great!

If you need proof, check out our gallery of photos capturing people in freefall to see that the fear (however great) is left in the plane. Truly, nothing is as freeing as being in the sky, moving at terminal velocity, and feeling as though you're suspended by air. It's much more like flying than falling.

Once your feet touch the ground, we can almost guarantee you won't be thinking about how scared you were in the door of the plane, you'll be thinking about how you want to do it all over again!

Ready to Book Your Skydiving Springfield Adventure?

If you're willing to leave your fear in the plane and experience the euphoria of freefall thousands of feet above Springfield, MO - book your skydive here or contact us directly if you have questions.

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I highly recommend this place especially if it is your first time!

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