Learn to Skydive Springfield MO

Learn to Skydive Springfield MO

Become a Licensed Skydiver

Learn to skydive in Missouri with the experienced instructors at Ozarks Skydive Center near Springfield, MO!

For those wishing to become independent, licensed skydivers, Ozarks Skydive Center offers the Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD) solo training program. You will learn to exit the airplane, remain aware of altitude, freefall in a stable position, perform maneuvers, deploy from a stable position at the right time, assess and react to any emergency, fly your canopy, and land safely.

You will learn these skills with a licensed instructor coaching you every step of the way. Each stage of the training program can be paid for separately.

Learn to Skydive IAD Program

Option Cost

Tandem Skydive


Ground Course




Coach Jumps

Opening Mid March!

The whole staff made the day amazing for everyone, including my mother & father in law and my kids who came to watch everyone jump.

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