Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

AFF Stages

The Accelerated Freefall training program is designed to take you from novice to experienced skydiver in just 7 jumps. The program is composed of different stages focusing on specific skills. You can learn more about each of the stages of the course below.

Ground Course

Before you can take your first jump you have to first learn the basics. A Certified Skydive Instructor teaches these basics in about 6-8 hours of classroom and practical application training. During these classes you will be walked through the equipment in great detail. Also, you will be introduced to different types of malfunctions and how to address those issues. Then you will experience the practical side of things with some free-fall body position training and a harness training to simulate time under the canopy. After you have practiced it, then it is time to do it for real.

AFF Level 1: Your First Skydive

Your first jump will typically be from 12,000 ft. or more and 2 instructors will hold on to you. You will be required to respond to hand signals to adjust your body position check your altimeter and practice deploying your parachute before deploying it for real! You will be talked down from the ground under your parachute by one of our instructors using radio equipment. Your instructors will review the skydive with you, providing constructive feedback. Assuming they are happy with your progress you will then be briefed for AFF Level 2. Congratulations - you are a skydiver!

AFF Level 2: Start to Turn

Just like your first jump you will have two instructors. You will still practice deploying your parachute and be expected to respond to hand signals from your instructors. You will also initiate a left and right turn and also try a little forward movement out, all while having your two instructors at your side. You will deploy your parachute yourself at 5500 ft., then have the radio to help you refine your landing pattern and safely land for AFF Level 3.

AFF Level 3: Burning a Hole

Now that you know how to start and stop a turn, it's time for you to try it all on your own. Your instructors will let go of you during this jump, but will always be close by. All you need to do is try and not turn and if you start to turn, stop. Deploy your parachute and have the radio to help you prefect those canopy skills.

AFF Level 4: Self Turns

Now we are down to 1 instructor. This will be the time to start and stop turns, while not having an instructor holding on to you. First you will start with 90-degree turns in both directions and possibly go to bigger turns. You will still be wearing the radio, but hopefully you will be able to complete a pattern and start getting a feeling of how to flare now. Your instructor will conduct a debrief after the jump and give you hints to help you improve.

AFF Level 5: Big Turns

After we have completed 90 degree turns, it's time to make big turns. You will start your 360's to one direction, and then go back the other way, working on overall body position and getting control out of these turns. Open at the right altitude and then complete a safe landing pattern. After the jump, you and the instructor will sit down and review the jump so the instructor can provide some pointers.

AFF Level 6: Solo Exit and Tracking

Up until now you have had an instructor holding on to you during exit, helping you get stable. This time you get to put into practice everything you already know and complete a stable solo exit. After getting stable, you will work on tracking. This is something that you will do at the end of each jump.

AFF Level 7: Getting Unstable

This is your last jump with an Instructor. The whole idea is to get unstable by doing barrel roles and front flips or back flips. If you stop on your back, then you just roll over and back to belly to earth. Now you are ready to start working with coaches and complete the rest of the A-License checklist. Blue Skies and safe landings.

Learn to Skydive AFF Program

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Ground Course


AFF Category A - 2 Instructor Jump


AFF Category B - 2 Instructor Jump


AFF Category C - 2 Instructor Jump


AFF Category D-1 - 1 Instructor Jump


AFF Category D-2 - 1 Instructor Jump


AFF Category E-1 - 1 Instructor Jump


AFF Category E-2 - 1 Instructor Jump


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