Why is the Price of Skydiving So High?

Why is the Price of Skydiving So High?

Published: October 25, 2016

I mean, seriously, right?!

When you compare it to, say, the cost of an amusement park ticket or a movie night price, tandem skydiving costs seems disproportionately high. Especially if you're a first-time jumper, the price can be surprising.

Trust us: we understand! We would love for tandem skydiving to have a much lower price tag, because we believe that everybody should get the chance to make a skydive in their lives, and because we'd get to introduce that many more people to the many benefits of our amazing sport.

The thing is, though, that skydiving is not an activity that you can safely cheap out on. (You knew that already, huh.) There are a number of factors that show up in the price. Since you're curious, let's explore 'em.

1. Anything Aviation-related Is Spendy.

You don't want to be worrying about the aircraft, right? Yeah. We figured you didn't. Trust us--we're on that thing many times a day, every day. We don't want to worry about it, either.

Buying a plane? Ca-ching! Maintaining that plane to a responsible standard? Ca-extra-ching! There's no cutting corners there, either, because the most important part of the whole enterprise is to keep passengers and pilots safe. Suffice it to say: We are responsible, and we care about the people in those planes. (Selfishly, because, I mean, y'know, we are in the plane most of the time.) We cheerfully open our wallets so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Quick note: Don't let cut-rate airline tickets make the cost of a skydive look monstrous in comparison--'cause that's a fake comparison. The bargain commercial airlines of the world deal in enormous bulk. (And they're subsidized, to boot.)

2. The Equipment Must Work. Every Time.

This expense is no surprise to you, or us, or anybody. Right? The gear you put on for a skydive has to be the best stuff, and it has to be kept in the best condition. Dropzones that try to get around this particular expense have a tendency to pay for it, and so do the unsuspecting customers.

As well as the obvious saving-the-lives-of-the-people-attached-to-it part, the quality of a parachute has a few less-obvious implications. Most noticeably, the higher the quality of a parachute, the more likely it is to land sweetly, softly and where it's meant to. Pretty important stuff!

3. The People Must Be Awesome, And Awesome People Should Be Compensated Accordingly.

Shoddy staff are a secret to no one. You can tell immediately if a dropzone's workforce is cut-rate. That said: If you notice that the people at a dropzone seem unprofessional, you should turn right around at take off. Shoddy staff and safety issues go hand-in-hand.

We don't believe in taking that chance, so we've made sure that Ozarks Skydive Center team is composed entirely of good-hearted, skilled, licensed, very experienced professionals who have honed their vast skill sets over the course of thousands of jumps. These guys very obviously aren't working for minimum wage, and we're happy about that.

4. It Is, To Put It Simply, Worth It.

This gets right to the heart of it, y'awl. It's the reason why it is totally okay for skydiving to carry the price tag it carries. It's also why we, personally, intend to keep skydiving until we've used up every last drop of gravity.

Ready to make a life-changing investment to go skydiving near Springfield? View our tandem skydiving prices and come fly with us! We can't wait to show you how amazing skydiving really is.

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