What You Need To Know About Your Tandem Skydive Video

What You Need To Know About Your Tandem Skydive Video

Published: June 20, 2018

If you've purchased a video package ahead of your tandem jump day, bravo! You've made a wise investment and an excellent decision. From ground school and getting kitted out in your harness and goggles, to the plane ride up and, of course, the awe-inspiring, exhilarating, soul-nourishing, empowering journey down - there's a lot to take in during your skydive. Documenting your experience will enable you to seize the day time and again. Here's what you need to know:


Your tandem instructor will be equipped with a handcam, a high-res camera worn on his/her left hand. The still photographs and recorded footage are gloriously up close and personal, capturing your many amazing facial expressions throughout your skydive. Pro-tip: You largely determine the quality, appeal and longevity of your video. Look into the camera and smile, make hand gestures, scream!


A lot of people express interest in sharing a video package; unfortunately it's not an option for two reasons. With the handcam being worn by your instructor, the camera can only be focused on you. The other reason, of course, is safety. Safety is top of mind during every part of your skydive. Jumpers exit the plane 10 to 15 seconds apart to ensure adequate distance between skydivers, so there's no physical way handcam footage can cover more than one student/instructor team.


The primary regret first-time skydivers voice is not getting the video. Booooooooo. Don't be a statistic. Documenting your jump allows you relive the experience again and again, perhaps reaffirming the revelations you had that day or maybe reminding you of the things you released into the wind. Whatever your motivation for making your tandem skydive, there's tremendous value in watching yourself surrender and be free. Plus, you can shock your family, thrill your friends, and impress total strangers. Brilliant.

See our Video Services page for additional details and pricing and book your package online. We can't wait to see you - and we're not the only ones!

Opening Mid March!

I have to give them a total 5 stars! Thank you so much for a great first experience, and ready to do alot more.

» Larry Neukirch