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  • How to Cross Skydiving Off Your Bucketlist


    How to Cross Skydiving Off Your Bucketlist

    Bucket lists never fail to fascinate. From the ebullient, reality-flexible versions you'll see in kindergarten classrooms ("Move to Disneyland!" "Get a pet alien!" "Make friends with Moana!") to the equally reality-flexible versions written up by adults ("Lose 20 pounds!" "Get on the property ladder!" "Stop scrolling every time your hands are free!"), they tend to represent a wide swath of human endeavor. One item, however, has a tendency to top the list--every list, every age, everywhere--and that's skydiving. A whopping percentage of the first-time tandem skydivers who come to the Ozarks Skydiving Center come here with one thing in mind: to check it off.

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Opening Mid March!

Everyone at Ozark's was super friendly, the place was really clean and welcoming.

» Jason Yergin