The Most Popular First Skydive

Tandem Jumps are our most popular skydive for a first time jumper. This is a fast and easy way to experience the wonderful world of skydiving. Don’t be scared the Tandem Instructors the have here at Ozark Skydive Center are some of the best in country. You will get to watch a little video after you fill out a little bit of paperwork and then its some real quick training from your Tandem Instructor. Here they will go over the harness and the parachute and show you how to arch and exit the aircraft. Then its time to ride the plane up to enjoy the experience of feel what it is like to fly. Don’t worry you have an expert strapped to your back. Call and schedule your tandem today.

Don't forget to request your video and pictures to show all your friends.

Tandem Jump ONLY! $209.00*
Check out our events page possible discounts or special promotional pricing!
Call and inquire about Group (5 or more) Discounted Rates!
*tax not included
Saturday 8 a.m. - Sunset
Sunday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.